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Explore the main modules and courses available to enhance your journalism skills and knowledge.

Data Journalism

Uncover the power of data in journalism with practical tools and techniques for effective storytelling and analysis.

Climate Reporting

Learn how to report on climate and environmental issues with depth, accuracy, and impact in the media landscape.

Media Analytics

Enhance your media skills through computational methods and critical analysis to excel in modern media practices.

Our Story of Media Excellence

With over 15 years of combined experience in journalism and education, Henri-Count Evans’ Short Online Courses offer industry-focused modules to enhance your media skills.

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Discover the unique advantages of learning at Henri-Count Evans’ Short Online Courses. Elevate your journalism skills with industry-focused training.

Expert Guidance

Receive personalized instruction and mentorship from a seasoned journalism instructor to refine your skills and craft.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Access practical, hands-on content designed to meet the demands of the media industry and enhance your professional portfolio.

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